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Problem #1

Technology and all its advantages are not equitably distributed throughout our society

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Problem #2

Tech programs are typically located in Chicago’s downtown areas, leaving folks in many neighborhoods disconnected from these programs

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Problem #3

If students have access to learn tech skills, it is rarely personal or a service that would directly impact their communities

Code Your Dreams was founded in 2018 with three core principles to address the common problems in computer science education today:

1.) We teach our programs in Chicago's neighborhoods, where our students are and where there is the most need.

2.) We deliver leading edge curriculums, with collaboration from some of Chicago's brightest Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UX Designers and Analysts.

3.) We make community the focus of all programs. Not only are the programs in our neighborhoods, but all applications are built to make an impact in our local communities.

The Code Your Dreams curriculum is designed to teach six critical phases of application development

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